Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Court Cliff Park Plein Air Excursion

SOLD - Maple Serenity Oil 18" x "24

In 2005 I was part of a Plein air class instructed by Carolyn Dover a DVSA teacher who teaches oil painting. We visited many locations, some of them I had never heard of like Mt. Nemo, Beverly Swamp and Court Cliff Park. We were encouraged to write a diary of our feelings and experiences out in the field along with sketching and painting a small painting on location. We then produced larger paintings in class of our sketches. I have been back to Court Cliff Park and Mt.Nemo several times since to collect new material. My two favourite paintings produced from these excursions are Court Cliff Park and Maple Serenity. I have included photo's and the finished paintings of these both.

1 comment:

Malinda said...

I love how the paintings actually look so much more 'alive' then the photos you took.

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