Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter Landscape Paintings

"Mystic Woodlands in Winter"- 24" x36"- Acrylic on Canvas
"Tracks"- 24" x 24"- Acrylic on Canvas
I still experience the feeling of awe in our mystic woods. The sunlight filters it's way through these majestic clearings creating these strong shadows and patterns on the woodland floor. Sometimes the only sound is your breath and the footprints you leave in the snow. The woodlands still offer so much inspiration for my paintings. This winter has been one of the mildest I have seen in many many years. Other years my walks with the dogs have been strictly relegated to the mile long driveway. This year only a few inches of snow has carpeted the woodland floor allowing us to walk in the woods with ease. The dogs have loved it, all the smells and tracking all the various animal trails! All of this life around us happening under our noses would go unnoticed if we didn't get out to explore. This is a mystic world that I adore!
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