Monday, May 25, 2009

Teaching My First "Plein Aire" Class

All week long I checked the weather is going to be a beautiful sunny day for the "Plein Aire" excursion that I had planned for my class. Of course it was overcast and it started to rain as everyone arrived at our Lake house. I guess the one good thing we had going was the large veranda that we could take shelter if it really poured. I was so proud of the group since this was their first experience painting outdoors. The students were real troopers braving the drizzle. One student Linda painted under a maple tree the entire time. It did clear up for a time so that Jackie, Lisa, Sandra and Nancy were able to get their sketches done. We did have a nice lunch break but that was short lived as we all scrambled out of our chairs when someone mentioned it's starting to rain again. I had suggested to everyone that keeping a diary of your outdoor painting experiences is helpful for when you are back in the studio. I love to record the sights, smells, and sounds of my trips. We had alot of laughs and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.....and the bugs weren't bad either.

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