Sunday, October 30, 2011

Artist Retreat Weekend with Cambridge Artists

Artists -( left to right) Nancy Brent, Jennifer Depencier, Laurie Wonfor Nolan and myself

It's been a week but I finally got a chance to post this fun weekend with my artist friends ( Nancy, Jennifer and Laurie) from Cambridge. With the sun shining and warm temperatures they arrived Saturday at noon .We feasted on a lunch of salads which included  baby greens , roasted peppers, tomato bruschetta, chick peas with couscous, and fresh organic bread from the "City Cafe". We finished lunch with a warm zucinni soup, yummy. Then we were off to the gravel pit to paint. 

The gravel pit has been a source of inspiration for me, my students and visiting artists. Nature has reclaimed this area with a variety of pines, cedars and soft wood trees. Inspiration  abounds with colours, shapes and forms. Every season offers a new perspective and feel in this landscape. I have enjoyed the unexpected appearance of various wildlife and birds, from deer to wild turkeys ,grouse and jack rabbits.

Jennifer captured a lovely woodland scene. 

The Ranger was used to transport our painting equipment from location to location.  Even Bailey ( my golden retriever) hitched a ride home with us. It was a funny site with all four us crammed on the bench seat.
 Laurie  painting  a yellow birch  on the upper ridge of the gravel pit.   Amazing how the last days of fall there were still leaves hanging on to branches.  

We called it a day before the the darkness fell. Gathered in the great room  and while I cooked a pasta dinner we enjoyed some wine and great conversation. After dinner Laurie lead an interesting conversation on art and artists and shared stories from her collection of art books. I didn't want the evening to end but we had to get to sleep so that we could get more painting in on Sunday.
After our morning walk along Pearl Lake Road we enjoyed a filling brunch of omelets, mango/ tomato salsa, black beans and apple pie. We had another successful day of painting and laughs. The weekend went by far to fast and I am looking forward to having them come up again this winter. 

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r garriott said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

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