About the Artist Retreat

Summer on the front Veranda

Coming Soon - details on the weekend "Artist Retreats" that will be full of laughter, fun and camaraderie.

You will stay at our home and enjoy the natural and tranquil setting. We are situated on Dankert Lake and 36 acres of woodlands and wetlands to inspire you and your painting creativity.

Breakfast , lunch and dinners will be provided with
locally grown food and cooked and presented by Chef Emily Lawrence of the Pantry D'or.

It will be an informal weekend of instruction and demonstration provided by myself .You will paint your choice of subjects. Hopefully you will create as many projects as you desire and be inspired to come back.

More details to follow in the next few weeks.
Pearl Lake Road

The patio facing the lake

A Gold Finch and Blue Indigo at our feeder

The new  Great Room addition

Our Pine lane way in winter

The Lakehouse in Winter

The pine woods and trails in winter
The Apple Orchard in winter

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